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SNG was founded in 2002 and began producing traffic safety products at the end of 2005. It was originally involved in recycling used electrical cables but, within the last three years, SNG has established unique plastic recycling processes.

All of SNG's products are quality tested and approved by the Materials Testing Institute and correspond to the relevant EU regulations. Detailed attests/ certifications are available upon request.

SNG's range of products for the traffic and road safety industries includes speed bumps, safety base plates, aluminium road and pedestrian studs, road delineators, heavy-duty barriers, temporary pedestrian crossing plates and non-ferrous metals castings.

Currently we are producing following products for Traffic and Road Safety industries:

•  speed humps/bumps/retarders/ramps (30, 50 and 70 mm heights)
•  safety base plates (25-38 kg)
•  round and square sign and poles bases (14- 26 kg)
•  fence feet/ bases
•  aluminum road and pedestrian studs
•  road delineators
•  heavy duty barriers
•  temporary pedestrian crossing plates
•  non-ferrous metals castings (exp. Street Furniture, Architectural bollards and poles, Aluminium Poles and Bollards, aluminum garden chairs and tables, industrial parts, etc).

RECYCLING: Being environmentally conscious manufacturer min. 90 % of our product range is made from recycled materials. We are interested in developing recycling schemes with our customers with recycling their old PVC or PE products (exp. cones, base pates, barriers, etc.)

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